Our Program

About learning life skills, not a curriculum

Our teaching tenets

Learning blocks for life

Nurturers are careful to instill core values rather than just manners, which are meaningless if there is no emotion behind them. All the teaching techniques employed at KOOKABURRA are based on research. But KOOKABURRA is not just about curriculum or teaching methods - we like to think of it more as a journey of self-discovery for young minds. All our efforts are towards one common goal - to put the child on a path towards happiness and success. Every child is beautifully unique and we would like nothing more than to help them build on their strengths, as a result equipping them with the tools required to overcome their weaknesses too.

Enriching environment

Effective growth and development of children’s skills and abilities requires considerable time and effort, a wide variety of activities and an environment that fosters creativity. A well-structured atmosphere will provide children with an array of learning experiences, which, when combined with brain-building activities leads to positive development. In both our centers, the rooms are intentionally designed to foster brain activity. Toys that encourage lateral thinking and problem-solving are handpicked by us. Art and music are integral parts of our school family. We also create learning opportunities for children through a number of daily activities and special events.

Experiential Learning

Children live in a sensory world where they gauge purely through sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. The more children explore, the more they learn. They learn about size, shape, movement and the tactile quality of their world. As they internalise all these sensations, they integrate their own personal experiences and make connections. We believe you cannot teach children the truths of the world by making them passively watch and listen; they need to experience it themselves. For this very reason, there is no rote learning or screen time (iPads, mobile phones, TVs or computers) in the classrooms. Our job is to help build and enhance your child’s executive functions:

By doing this, we hope to instill good, healthy habits and make your child a lifelong learner.